Even though Cockfight has been around for a long time in the betting market, it is still one of the most popular type of betting. But to play directly, or organizing a cockpit is not simple. So Cockfight online was born. And X1BET is one of the top choice for passionate players.

Cockfight in X1BET

Compared to the early period of Cockfight in the countryside. X1BET has upgrade Cockfight to a whole new level. More and more unique forms of fighting. Increase the fierce competitive of the fight. Bringing the most eye -catching move to the audience.

Cockfight at X1BET has the diversity, unique form

With X1BET Cockfight, players can participate online at the X1BET app. For online viewing and betting, players only need an internet-connected device. Like a phone or laptop… Connected anywhere and a colorful world will be streamed directly to your device.

High definition image and realistic sound bringing you the most realistic cockpit. The details result is constantly updated by our professional crew. Furthermore, this is also a reasonable way, bring safety to the players.

Cockfight rules at X1BET

Any type of game must have rules to help determine winners and losers? However, X1BET rules are not too complicated. Learn by heart to avoid losing any unreasonable amounts of money.

In addition to the traditional rules, Cockfight at X1BET has add-on rules. If one side declares a loss, the other will win

After being hit by a cock and cannot stand up, it will be counted as a loss. Besides that, cocks that intend not to attack, run away and are afraid are also considered losers. If during the break between each round one of the cocks dies, it is also counted as a loss.

Draws don’t seem to happen often because X1BET Cockfight allows the cock to use an iron spur. The cocks will have to lie down on the ring before the end of the round. Therefore, the winner and loser will be determined as soon as possible before the end of the match.

How to watch, register to bet on Cockfight X1BET

First, you visit the homepage of the X1BET Cockfight, almost every bookmaker has an intuitive user interface. There will be an icon to watch now and enjoy the top fights.

Register to participate now at X1BET

Registration step: you find the menu icon and then click on the account and click register.

Smart bet for NEWBIE

For newbie who playing live bets at X1BET Cockfight and do not understand the betting rules very well, please read this article.

The fact that the exchange rate is much higher when you play bet with the online bookmaker. You just need to deposit money through the house’s channel to trade conveniently. X1BET Cockfight is extremely diverse in terms of payment methods.

You can pay by phone card; however, this method makes you pay an extremely high fee. Instead, you can pay via bank card and internet banking, the problem can be solving easily.

Doors to place your bet

According to the latest rules of X1BET Cockfight, you will have three doors to place your bets. The first door is Meron. This door is bet on the house’s cock. Since these chickens have a lot of experience and fighting power so the house’s odds are usually lower than the player’s odds.


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